Our top tips for creating an energy-efficient office. 

It takes a lot to run a company, from guts to smarts and plenty of funding.

But, there is also a growing focus on collective responsibility.

Although, with the cost-of-living crisis still taking centre stage in the UK, many are focusing on costs above thoughts of sustainability business models.

In fact, according to Forbes, although 90% of businesses think that sustainability is essential, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy in place.

However, energy-efficient office conserves money in more ways than you might think.

Saving energy in the office is one of the easiest ways to save money and support the environment.

In this blog post, see how you can make a difference to our planet and your bottom line with three easy ways to keep your office energy-efficient from ServiceMaster Clean.

Easy Office Energy Saving Tips

  1. Replace your light bulbs.

If your lightbulbs are not energy efficient, replace them with ENERGY STAR®-qualified light bulbs, which include compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

These use about 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last longer.

Yes, you read that right – you save money on energy bills and at the store when you go CFL.

While LED lights are even more energy efficient, they tend to be more cost-prohibitive for businesses.

You can encourage employees with desk lamps to use LED lights or calculate whether the longevity of LED lights is worth the initial investment.

Additionally, remind employees to turn off the unused lights in empty rooms.

Furthermore, open blinds and use natural lighting as often as you can during the day to keep energy use down even more.

  1. Turn off computers when not in use.

One of the most commonly missed office energy-saving tips is turning off equipment at the end of the day or during periods of low usage.

During the day, ask employees to use the hibernation feature on their computers if they step away from their desks.

This mode reduces the energy emitted from the monitors and the computer itself.

You can also shut down computers completely before closing each day for more savings.

Remember that even when electronics are off, they use energy if plugged in.

The NRDC reports that this wasted energy adds up to around the amount of electricity produced by 50 large (500-megawatt) power plants yearly!

If your office is going on a lengthy holiday break, unplug energy-sucking equipment like printers, microwaves, coffee machines, vending machines, lights and more.

  1. Go paperless as often as you can.

Set up systems that allow employees to work electronically as often as possible and only print things when necessary.

This will help prolong the life of your printer, paper and ink/toner and also help reduce your energy costs and protect against deforestation in one fell swoop.

If you must print a document, print it in black and white.

That way, you save money on printer ink or toner and help keep excess consumables, including toner cartridges, from filling landfills.

Also, consider using copy paper with the highest percentage of recycled paper content.

You can also utilize local recycling services for your waste paper.

The future is now.

If you’re ready to make these three easy energy-saving changes, there’s no better time to start than now.

Gather your staff to explain the easy ways to keep your office energy-efficient

Soon, the savings accumulate, and you’ll feel good knowing your business is acting as a responsible corporate citizen.

Get a cleaner office today with ServiceMaster Clean

At ServiceMaster Clean, we’re about all things clean.

That means clean energy and clean offices.

Our businesses across the UK are working hard to offset our carbon emissions and help support our environment through various environmental initiatives.

If your workspace needs a professional and regular cleaning from the experts, think ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.

By contacting your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business, you benefit from over 60 years of professional and bespoke cleaning expertise from your local experts in high-quality cleaning.

No matter your organization, we go above and beyond to ensure the highest standard of cleaning every single time.

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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP staff member awarded a prestigious award by Leicester City Football Club.

Davinder Ghattoura, Leicester Supervisor for ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP, has been awarded the Active Woman 2023 award by Leicester City Football Club as part of their Leicester City in the Community programme.

Davinder attended an event at King Power Stadium, where she won their most prestigious award.

The accolade recognises her contributions to their Active Women programme.

Moreover, it also recognises Davinder’s embodiment of their core values: engage, inspire and empower through togetherness.

Leicester City Active Women

The Active Woman programme encourages sports engagement for women aged 18-49.

Davinder also won a football signed by the LCFC Women’s Team!


Winning the award means a huge amount to Davinder, who, less than a year ago, featured on ITV news representing the programme, and says she is honoured.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “[What was] even more special was sharing this moment with my mum, who had attended with me. [It was] such a proud moment for us to share.”

“The Active Women project has become a part of my life,” she adds.

“I have tried my best at everything I have attended.”

“I will proudly hold the title of Active Women 2023 to engage and inspire more women this year and for years to come.”

The team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services would like to say a massive well done to Davinder.

We eagerly look forward to seeing how she helps to shape the Active Women programme in the future.

Local people, national expertise, premium service

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience as a national brand.

Our committed business owners supply expert and informed services to businesses in their area.

We’ll also work tirelessly to exceed your expectations by helping you manage the requirements of your premises.

Start working with a cleaner you can trust today and join your local experts working hard to support your community.

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ServiceMaster AAA wins four prestigious awards at the International Brilliance Awards 2024.  

ServiceMaster Clean AAA is kicking off 2024 with a bang.

Continuing their winning streak after winning two awards at the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards,  being made a three-time finalist in the Customer Centricity World Series, and winning big at the UK Business Awards 2023, ServiceMaster Clean AAA has won a total of four awards at the International Brilliance Awards 2024.

About the International Brilliance Awards 2024

The International Brilliance Awards 2024 brought together industry leaders, professionals, and award-winning individuals for an evening of celebration and inspiration.

ServiceMaster Clean AAA and its owner, Siva Kugathas, won four awards categories, making this the fourth year in a row that they have won big at the event.

But what, pray tell, did they win?

The Awards Won

Entrepreneur of the Year – Brilliance Award

This marked Siva as an entrepreneur exemplifying drive, determination and exceptional abilities in creating and administering a successful business, evidenced by his proven record of leadership, ingenuity, tenacity and success.

CEO of the Year – Silver Award

As CEO of the Year, Siva consistently demonstrated clarity of vision, judgment and motivational skills to transform and empower his business.

This award recognises the ability to bring about real change for the better at a company level, in the industry as a whole and in the lives of employees.

Judges also considered entire track records, with extra attention to accomplishments since January 2017.

Having only just hit the ground running when taking over ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford in January 2017, Siva has turned his single territory operation into a 14-territory empire in this time, going from strength to strength in both business and community support.

Brilliance in Customer Services – Gold Award

This award recognises businesses constantly striving to exceed customer expectations with industry-leading service standards and innovation around customer experience.

Judges also examined how ServiceMaster Clean AAA measured customer satisfaction through NPS, our TellServiceMaster system.

As well as the effectiveness of complaint handling and how customer service improves their commercial performance.

Brand Brilliance (Small to Medium) – Silver Award

The Brand Brilliance Award was selected after heavy deliberation.

The winners are the star entries encompassing the best Business Brilliance over the year.

This award demonstrates consistent growth, strong financial performance, and Brand recognition.

Judges searched for exceptional delivery, site engagement and functionality, security, innovation and ethical practice.

They also examined how staff were engaged and developed, how strategic vision is led, managed and implemented, and evidence of a plan for sustained growth.

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Giving back for Christmas

The team at ServiceMaster Clean North Surrey, West London and Hertfordshire were busy over Christmas supporting their clients with professional contract cleaning services tailored to suit their needs.

But, in the spirit of going above and beyond, they’ve also been giving back.

Belmore Primary Academy Christmas Tree

One of the sectors that ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses serve nationwide are schools and educational facilities.

One such school is the Belmore Primary Academy in Hayes, to which the team bought a Christmas tree for the children to enjoy.

Here is Associate Operations Director Aga with Aga Lewis, a representative of the school:

Cornish Cream Tea

To say thank you for all that they do for them, one of the team’s long-standing clients, Lane Associates, also donated a lovely cream tea for the ServiceMaster Clean staff to enjoy.

And enjoy it they did!

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Siva Kugathas from ServiceMaster Clean AAA has been named Leader of the Year.

Just weeks after winning two awards at the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards and being made a three-time finalist in the Customer Centricity World Series, Siva Kugathas from ServiceMaster Clean AAA has won a prestigious leadership award.

Siva was awarded the Leader of the Year at the UK Business Awards 2023.

The UK Business Awards ’23 

The awards feature 20 categories designed to capture vital aspects of business in the UK.

Siva was nominated for his employee mentorship schemes and his dedication to his team.

The GOLD Leader of the Year award was the highlight of the night and celebrates exceptional leadership as a vital component of commercial success and celebrates the leadership of an inspiring, guiding and reassuring mentor – all of which Siva is in spades!

Award judge and Training Director for First Impression Training, Marie Cross, said of Siva and his accomplishment:

“Having chatted with him at the end of the day, and having heard his back-story (what a fascinating guy!), I’d like to give an extra high-five to Siva Kugathas of ServiceMaster Clean, who won GOLD for Leader of the Year.

What a total inspiration you are Siva, especially to other young, up & coming entrepreneurs who can learn so much from your incredible story of success!”

Siva joined ServiceMaster Clean in 2017 from a background in franchise business management and has grown a single unit in Guildford with 17 staff to a 14-territory empire with over 900 employees.

ServiceMaster Clean AAA’s Employee Experience Strategy

By introducing a rewards scheme and emphasis on team building, Siva has reduced staff turnover and has recruited over 150 new employees this year.

Through the mentorship scheme, senior-level staff have achieved prestigious accountancy, bookkeeping, admin and secretarial skills, and executive leadership qualifications.

Two of these included staff who received qualifications from Oxford University.

The mentorship of Siva’s staff has seen excellent results at all levels of his business.

Staff who initially began with us as cleaners have found ServiceMaster Clean AAA a great place to work and develop.

For example, all regional managers promoted or appointed this year have progressed internally from cleaning or area supervisor roles.

Over half of Siva’s sixteen area manager positions were promoted from cleaners – evidencing the success of his ability to mentor and support staff from an entry-level role to a role with more responsibility.

This is all highly unusual in the cleaning industry, not only because, often, cleaners do not progress within a company – usually due to the lack of internal structure to support their growth – but they also tend not to stay in any one company for too long.

Siva has created a stable workplace environment where his staff are happy to come to work and stay with the business for a long time, as they know that they are valued and will be supported should they aspire to develop their skills.

Want to benefit from an award-winning cleaning service?

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The value of using a professional cleaning service in a healthcare setting. 

Cleanliness is essential for every healthcare setting.

After all, they are tasked with protecting the health of millions of people every day.

Part of maintaining patient well-being is protecting them from bacteria that may be present in a medical treatment facility.

Therefore, regular cleaning is vital to most businesses.

However, it is essential for any healthcare setting, whether a small medical centre or a large hospital.

Working with professional janitorial providers, especially one focused on meeting environmental cleaning standards, can benefit employees and patients alike.

Our patient-centred healthcare cleaning programs are designed to help your business achieve three critical goals.

1. Meeting environmental cleaning standards

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and Care Quality Commission mandate that healthcare settings in the UK follow specific healthcare cleaning standards.

Healthcare businesses that fail to comply may be subject to fines and even closure.

Facilities not prioritising compliance may become liable should patients or employees suffer serious health issues because of an unclean setting.

Before hiring a commercial cleaner for your facility, ensure its procedures are based on regulatory requirements to provide adequate, patient-centred cleaning to help you pass your next CQC audit.

2. Maintaining a professional appearance

A messy and unsanitary healthcare business is unlikely to be profitable.

Patients will not want to return to medical settings that are not professionally maintained.

As such, healthcare businesses should keep the medical side of their offices disinfected and thoroughly clean the public areas.

Mess like:

  • Dirty seat cushions in the waiting room
  • Filled waste cans
  • Visible dirt or grime on floors and furnishings

Suggests that the facility does not take the responsibility of maintaining a safe, healthy environment seriously.

To maintain a professional medical setting, routine cleaning is essential.

Whether a busy outpatient facility or a small practice, professional environmental cleaning services ensure your patients’ expectations are always met or exceeded.

3. Keeping staff and employees safe

Healthcare facilities depend on skilled employees with extensive training and qualifications.

The high cost of malpractice claims means these professionals are unlikely to use a healthcare business that doesn’t meet environmental cleaning standards.

Strict cleaning standards can also help improve the work environment and increase worker productivity and satisfaction.

Healthcare workers come into contact with countless germs.

That’s where professional healthcare cleaning services help protect staff and patients from infections.

When choosing a cleaning service, select a provider committed to meeting the standards and expectations for healthcare environments.

Need a new cleaner?

With over 60+ years of experience as a world leader in healthcare cleaning, ServiceMaster Clean routinely update our practices to follow relevant laws and standards recommended by industry regulators.

To see how we could help you keep your staff and patients safe, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today for a free quote and learn more about our services.

How ServiceMaster Clean LNP is working to support local food banks.

As part of their ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP are supporting local food banks in Leicester, Northampton and Peterborough to help their local community.

Teaming up with the Trussell Trust Network, an organisation that supports a nationwide network of over 1,300 food banks providing emergency food and aid to people facing hardship while campaigning for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

This year, the LNP team are providing food parcels to food banks in Leicester, Northampton & Peterborough for new clients who achieve a specific spend.

Commenting on the initiative, Denise Ces Agraso, Head of Pensions, Payroll and HR at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP says:

“I have been working quietly in the background on this, along with the new Grow My Tree Scheme, after doing some research into what we can offer to all our new clients and give back to the community and discussing the idea with our General Manager, it was a no-brainer.

Food banks are helping more people than ever and provide emergency food and compassionate, dignified support to people locked in crisis. People from every walk of life can no longer afford life’s essentials, and we are proud to be giving a little back to our local communities.”

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ServiceMaster Clean AAA is a finalist in accredited global awards for customer service, employee experience and business transformation.

Hot on the heels of their double award win at the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards, ServiceMaster Clean AAA have achieved finalist status in the prestigious Customer Centricity World Series.

The awards are run by Arcet Global, a hybrid consultancy that helps organisations adopt global best practices, influencing change through communication services and worldwide partnerships to evolve business practices to enable sustainable success.

The awards recognise the world’s leading customer-centric organisations for transforming customer and employee experience.

Awards Categories

ServiceMaster Clean AAA have been carefully chosen by the awards judges as finalists in three categories:

  1. Customer-Centric Culture
  2. Business Change or Transformation
  3. Employee Experience Strategy

ServiceMaster Clean AAA’s Initiatives

Since launching in 2017, ServiceMaster Clean AAA has constantly innovated its support for its staff and clients, transforming from a single-territory franchise in Guildford to a 14-territory empire covering much of the UK.

Through key initiatives, the business has evolved significantly through a focus on customer experience and supported the personal and professional development of employees, which helped grow to a staff of over 900.

Business owner Siva Kugathas says he is delighted to have his innovation through his commitment to the people in his business and the people it serves recognised by the awards.

“I’m thrilled to be named a finalist in the Customer Centricity World Series for Customer-Centric Culture, Business Change or Transformation and Employee Experience Strategy,” he says.

“My goal has always been to provide my customers with an exceptional cleaning service, going above and beyond to exceed what they expect from our employees. In doing so, I have endeavoured to create an environment where my staff can grow and thrive. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. So, thank you to my team – this is for you!”

The results of the awards will be announced at a black-tie event in Dubai in May 2024.

Want an award-winning cleaning service?

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How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP are working with Impact Hero to support the environment with Grow My Tree initiatives.

In today’s world, climate change is an ever-growing factor in our lives and social and moral consciousness.

This naturally affects the way we, as a society, are doing business.

Particularly as more businesses recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as over 52% of business owners believe that a successful CSR strategy can add value to a business.

However, when it comes to sustainability and green initiatives – according to Forbes – although 90% of companies think sustainability is essential, only 60% have implemented a sustainability strategy.

The team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP are amongst the minority of businesses in the UK, including other ServiceMaster Clean businesses, who are affecting positive change with tree planting initiatives.

Grow My Tree Initiatives

This year, the award-winning team at LNP teamed up with Impact Hero, a platform that empowers companies like ServiceMaster Clean to embody a Net Positive approach to business.

Together, they are working to plant a tree in honour of every new client that achieves a specific spend as part of the team’s ongoing commitment to fight climate change and as an effective and sustainable way forward.

This naturally combats climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, outputting oxygen, and ensuring healthy soil.

One new tree neutralises approximately 22kg of carbon dioxide, and since August, the team have planted 16 trees, the offsetting outcome of which is approximate to the carbon dioxide output of:

  • Consuming 9,600g of beef
  • Consuming 2544kg of vegetables
  • 16 train journeys between Cologne – Munich
  • 3,68% of one person’s annual CO2 emissions

Denise Ces Agraso, Head of Payroll, Pensions, and HR at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP, says:

“We are delighted to report that since teaming up with Impact Hero, we have planted 16 trees!”

“We believe that taking action against climate change is crucial, and we are proud to offer this unique opportunity to new clients.”

“Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment.”

The value of a cleaner who cares

The LNP team care about their customers and environment and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that the value of a good service goes beyond just cost.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

This helps us to know, meet, and exceed your expectations and deliver the service you deserve every time.

Need a new cleaner?

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Double Award Winner Siva Kugathas Wins Prestigious BFA Trailblazer & People’s Choice Award.

Siva Kugathas from ServiceMaster Clean AAA received the coveted Franchisee Trailblazer Award and the People’s Choice Award during the prestigious BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards.

Siva received the Franchisee Trailblazer Award as a recognition of his work within our brand model and for showing what is truly possible with the collaboration of a franchise business.

But there was one more surprise award on the night, the People’s Choice award, where the attendees voted from the list of winners for who they thought was deserving of this new award for 2023.

Therefore, this award truly placed Siva as the best of the best!

This unexpected award added extra excitement to an already remarkable evening, making it an event to be remembered for outstanding achievements and the collaborative spirit of those who make the industry thrive.

Siva collecting the People’s Choice Award from judges and hosts Pip Wilkins and Gillian Morris

Judge’s Comments

Pip Wilkins, Chief Executive of the BFA, said:

Our huge congratulations to Siva, on these tremendous wins. We had some fantastic franchisee entries this year but his really stood out from the crowd. We would like to thank him for being such a great franchisee and for representing the very best in franchising.”

Judge, awards host and UK Head of Franchise, Commercial Banking at sponsors HSBC Bank, Gillian Morris said:

“The diversity of franchising on display at tonight’s awards ceremony – across so many brands and sectors – demonstrates the strength and reach of the industry. Choosing a winner is never easy and I’d like to join Pip in thanking everyone who entered and sending our warm congratulations to all the winners on these very well-deserved awards.”

Siva’s Accomplishments

Siva is the definition of a trailblazing franchisee.

His performance, growth, and transformation in 6 years have been awe-inspiring.

Turning a business with a £50,000 turnover into an empire of 14 successful territories, he has demonstrated success under the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services model and in an industry with no ceiling.

Upon receiving his award, Siva said:

“It’s an honour to win the People’s Choice alongside the Franchisee Trailblazer Award. To receive the recognition of the judges and my peers in the franchising community is a huge validation for myself and my team, who have worked hard to help get ServiceMaster Clean AAA to where we are today.

Thank you to my team, ServiceMaster, and everyone who voted for me. And congratulations to all of my fellow winners!”

With the right attitude, ambition, and team spirit to move his focused staff behind his goal, he is on track to hit his goal of £10 million turnover by 2027.

We do not doubt that he will achieve this by following his unstoppable trajectory and utilising his close connection to the network, trust in the brand and passion for delivering a quality service.

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We sat down with Monika and Jackie from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey, West London & Hertfordshire, who are both celebrating five-year work anniversaries this year.

Milestones are important, especially in the workplace.

Especially given how much can change in a single year. Let alone multiple!

So, it’s no small matter when staff can celebrate fifth work anniversaries, like those observed by Jacki and Monika from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey, West London & Hertfordshire this year.

We sat down with them to discuss their experiences at ServiceMaster Clean over the past half-decade.

Monika’s Story

Monika, who manages HR administration and Payroll, started working at ServiceMaster Clean in March 2018 after a friend who had previously worked at ServiceMaster recommended the role to her.

Upon starting with ServiceMaster Clean, Monika received training in HR, RTW and English to support her personal development.

Monika says that her favourite aspect of working in HR is having contact with everyone and working with lots of different people.

She says that, in her experience, what makes a good cleaner and a good employee is that “they have good communication skills, they are honest, they are thorough and pay attention to detail, and they are efficient.”

Jackie’s Story

Jackie, who is an Office Administrator, has had a varied career.

After leaving university, she worked as a Legal Administrator before starting her family.

When her two children were younger, she operated her childcare setting for five years before joining ServiceMaster in April 2018.

Now with older children, Jackie says working at ServiceMaster Clean allows her to have a work-life balance to “suit family life.”

“As long as the work gets done, the hours are flexible.”

“That’s why I love working here,” she says.

Jackie’s Typical Working Day

Jackie’s work-life balance is further enabled by working in the office and at home, but always starting at 9:30 a.m. and finishing by 5:30 p.m.

She typically starts the day by liaising with her colleagues about any staff feedback and issues raised on sites.

“That usually sets the tone for the day,” she says.

“My priority is always checking messages and emails from clients. There is always a project on the go to keep me busy between keeping the clients happy.”

Professional and personal accomplishments

Though she admits it was initially a challenge, having worked hard to fit her work and family life together, Jackie has been given time to develop her skills in vital areas at ServiceMaster Clean.

She studied and retrained in bookkeeping administration, which has opened up more work streams for her and allowed her to do more challenging administration in the accounts side of the business.

An accomplishment she says she is very proud of.

A piece of work wisdom Jackie would like to impart is the value of communicating and listening to your team.

Need a new cleaner?

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Waving a teary goodbye to a committed employee from ServiceMaster Clean in the North East. 

There were a few tears recently when a vital staff member of the self-titled ServiceMaster Clean North East ‘A-Team’, Jackie McKale, hung up her work clothes for the last time.

But it was not without some appropriate fanfare.

Carole Bostwick, Operations Manager and Chris Blewitt, MD,  had an early morning drive to Blyth to ensure they could present some flowers to Jackie on her retirement.

Chris says:

‘The ‘A Team’ at our client’s two factories in Blyth have done an amazing job at these industrial premises.

They are a challenge to clean, and Jackie has played a major part in continuing to delight our customers.

She has always been extremely flexible and dedicated, and we wish her a long and happy retirement. She deserves it.”

In need of a quality cleaner? 

If you’re in the Northeast and need a professional and expert contract cleaner, contact Chris and his team to benefit from professional cleaning services from an award-winning business, call 0191 338 619601642 044118 or 01207 788377.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to see how we can help you today.

ServiceMaster Clean North East are supporting some top brass. 

ServiceMaster Clean North East are delighted to support the Billingham Silver Band at the ‘National Brass Band Championships’.

The annual event takes place at the Centaur Cheltenham and is one that Chris Blewitt, Managing Director, says he is proud to support North East team member Sandra Byers:

“We are very proud that the band are flying the flag for the region at the Championships and that one of our team Sandra Byers is part of the band.

To attend this major event takes a lot of organising and we are very happy to give some help towards getting them there. I’m sure it will be a grand day out.”

In need of a quality cleaner? 

If you’re in the Northeast and need a professional and expert contract cleaner, contact Chris and his team to benefit from professional cleaning services from an award-winning business, call 0191 338 619601642 044118 or 01207 788377.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to see how we can help you today.

Guildford-based entrepreneur Siva Kugathas celebrates the unveiling of his new initiative to offset his carbon emissions, the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we are committed to providing cleaning services that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Though we are an international brand, we work closely within our local communities to provide a positive impact on the people we serve.

With climate change being a huge talking point and concern for many, we know the social responsibility that organisations and businesses have to affect positive change.

Back in April of 2023, we discussed the responsibility of businesses to help work against the looming threat of the climate crisis as we shared the excellent environmental initiatives from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia.

In that post, we shared an interesting statistic from Forbes. Although 90% of companies think sustainability is essential, only 60% have implemented a sustainability strategy.

Siva Kugathas from ServiceMaster Clean AAA is part of the 10% walking the walk.

Carbon emissions and businesses

According to the United Nations, fossil fuels and their carbon emissions are the main contributors to climate change.

With most of the carbon produced in the UK coming from our businesses, industries, and production habits, everything we, as businesses, do matters.

Especially fuel and product efficiency.

For example, according to the Harvard Business Review, by improving fuel efficiency by roughly 87% between 2005 and 2014, Walmart avoided 15,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions and saved nearly $11 million in one year.

Though this is one of the largest companies in the world, this example illustrates the scale that simple fuel efficiency can have on costs and the environment.

The ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland

Siva and the team at AAA strongly believe that, as a business, reducing their carbon footprint to help combat climate change is part of their social responsibility.

As such, they have undertaken several initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Chiefly, the opening of the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland.

But what is this, and why has Siva chosen to do it?

In the cleaning industry, travel by car/van is essential to ensure our cleaning equipment is transported safely to where it needs to be.

As driving is a massive contributor to carbon output, Siva’s targets for carbon offsetting are to offset the carbon his teams put out.

To do this, he has recently purchased a plot of land in Devonshire named ‘The ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland”.

Siva planned to plant trees for each new client his team provides services for to help put more oxygen into the atmosphere and offset carbon emissions.

However, having consulted with a local ecologist and discussed the condition of the biome, he now plans to incorporate complementary trees and plant life into the existing land and turn the area into a conservation site to preserve and nurture the woodland.

So, while he will still be planting new greenery to offset carbon emissions, he will also be working carefully to care for this patch of nature and ensure it becomes a haven for local plants and wildlife.

The Grand Opening

Last week, members from Siva’s team from across his 14 territories and members of ServiceMaster Brands UK’s head office team gathered at the woodland to officially open the land and mark the occasion with a team BBQ.

As he popped the champagne and cut the ribbon alongside ServiceMaster Brands UK Managing Director Alan Lewin, Siva detailed his plans for the land,

“The initial plan was that we were going to plant lots of Conifer trees and offset our Co2 mileage, but there is a slight change in the plan now. We will nurture and bring in the broad-leaf, add more trees and look after this land.”

He then thanked his team for all their hard work and support with his initiatives:

“Thank you all for making it here and supporting opening this land.”

“To the ServiceMaster HQ team, thank you very much for being here, and most importantly, thank you to our staff who work day in and day out to enable us to make this happen and do something good to give back to the community.”

Siva, Alan and Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Leader, then did the honours of planting the first trees, laying down roots for what the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland promises to become.

In need of a professional contract cleaning service?

Could you benefit from professional, personal, and ethical contract cleaning services?

Siva and his teams across 14 territories are ready and waiting to help you take the hassle out of your cleaning. With the bonus of a tree planted in your honour.

If you’re in Guildford, Bracknell, Heathrow, Slough, Woking, Luton, Watford, Canterbury, Dover, Colchester, Ipswich, York, Doncaster, Lincolnshire, East Lancashire and surrounding areas, contact Siva and his team today on 01483 575939 for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Or, nationwide, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today and learn the value of a cleaner that cares.

Would you pass your next CQC audit?

As a care provider, be it a GP Surgery, dentist, care home or private clinic, it is essential that you maintain stringent hygiene standards.

Maintaining a clean environment:

  • Ensures patient and staff safety
  • Prevents and controls infections
  • Reassures patients

But following the update to the UK government’s National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness, care providers must ensure they adhere to specific criteria regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC is an independent regulatory body operating throughout the UK that monitors, inspects, and regulates health and social care providers.

New frameworks – CQC Key Questions and Quality Statements

The new framework employed by the CQC ensures that care providers adhere to standards across five key areas:

  1. Safety
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Care
  4. Responsivity
  5. Leadership

These are known as quality statements. Which the CQC defines as “the commitments that providers, commissioners, and system leaders should live up to.”

To ensure your premises meets safety standards, they must be clean, well-maintained and hygienic.

How to pass your next CQC audit with flying colours

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have:

  • Years of experience in the CQC market
  • Industry-leading specialist technology to clean spaces and equipment
  • Solutions and support with the paperwork required for audits

So, you can trust ServiceMaster Clean to keep your premises safe, CQC compliant, and looking good.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you’re in safe hands.

And we’ll make it work for you.

We know it’s never a one-service-suits-all, so we work closely with your teams to understand how you use your space.

We’ll also consider feedback from previous audits, tailoring our services package to fit you.


  • Defined cleaning specifications
  • Flexible hours (to suit your practice)
  • A trusted, nationwide brand
  • Industry-leading technologies to help tackle specialist cleaning requirements
  • Dedicated management and regular site visits/ audits
  • Safe and systemised cleaning
  • Quick response and callouts
  • A team you can trust

Trust ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services to pass your next CQC audit with flying colours.

Are you worried about your next audit?

Don’t let stress about an audit impact your people or services.

Trust the professionals.

For specialist CQC-compliant cleaning trusted to deliver every time, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today.

In honour of Father’s Day, we’re spotlighting father and daughter duo Chris and Jessica Blewitt from ServiceMaster Clean North East, who recently celebrated 5 years in business.

What is it like to build a business with your father/daughter?

Chris: “Overall it’s great to build a business with your daughter. Jessica is only 23 now and was 17 when we started. She was at college then but helped out from the first day. She was the one that did our first tax return and she is the expert on invoicing, banking, and payroll.

It was not planned that she would come into the business, it just evolved. She went from helper to part-time employee. She then was offered a full-time promotion by her other part-time employer, which was a tough decision but I said she should do what was right for her. She carried on helping, which was hard when she had already done a long day.

We knew that one day she would come back into the business full-time but perhaps that was 5 or 10 years away. Rapid growth meant that a full-time Business Process Manager was required and she decided now was the time to come back into the business and we believe make it her career. Seeing firsthand her capability and dedication fills me with immense pride. At such a young age, she gives the appearance of a veteran. She is well-known in the network and with Head Office staff.”

Jessica: “I find it motivating to work in the business because if I do a good job, not only is it beneficial to me but to my Dad and my family as a whole. It can be challenging to have to switch between the roles of ‘employee and boss’  to ‘daughter and father’. Because it’s my Dad I always know he has my best interests at heart – I have his back and he has mine.”

Why did you decide to build a company alongside your family?

Chris: “As mentioned previously,  it wasn’t planned although I did think it could create opportunities for family members. Perhaps you could say I secretly hoped Jessica would get involved. I have a son also, Daniel, who is now 21 but still deciding what he wants to do. He is very entrepreneurial but still getting to grips with the world of work. At this stage, I am not sure if there would be a role in our commercial cleaning business but a franchise with another ServiceMaster brand could be a possibility.

Sue, my wife, also helps in the business but has her own separate career. That said, we worked side by side, on initial deep cleans, with  two of our longest serving clients and was there to support, for cover, when we only had a very small team.”

How has your dad/family given you the skills to run the business?

Jessica: “We are not quite at the stage where I am running the business but I am fully aware of all the functions. I specialise in our office and business processes, both developing them and operating them, but I am heavily involved in running the operational side of the business. The sales and marketing side of the business is something I would need more exposure to but alternatively, it’s not a role I might do, just manage if I take on a General Manager role in the future, depending how big we grow.

I work extremely closely with my Dad, so I live and breathe the events that occur in the company. We have very similar thinking, which makes it easier and my Dad likes to talk through issues with members of his team, including me – we have a very collaborative culture. I think my Dad is a great mentor and at 23 I feel well-equipped to run the franchise – at some point in the future. My Dad has a business degree but he tells me I have a much greater understanding of running a business than he did at my age.”

What is it like to operate a multi-generational business?

Chris: “Having the opportunity to work with a member of your family on any ‘project’ can be very rewarding, but building something as large and multi-faceted as a business takes this to another level. Being able to spend so much time with someone you care about is another benefit. I held my Dad in very high regard but I never saw so closely, firsthand,  how he did business.”

What legacy were/are you hoping to leave behind for Jessica/future generations?

Chris: “Building something that can benefit a future generation of your family is very satisfying. The thought that perhaps other future generations could be involved, develop themselves in the business, and take it on further would be even more exciting. Hopefully, the business will continue with my values being the foundation –  hard work, servicing our clients very well, looking after our people, and offering a truly professional service.  I have no plans to sell the business, my plan is to pass it on through the family – if that’s what they want to do.”

What about ServiceMaster Clean made it the right company for your careers?

Jessica: “Whilst I didn’t plan this as a career, I have found it to be a great match for my skills. I enjoy the variety of work and love the flexibility. Recently I bought a house to do up and the business gives me the opportunity to flex my day to keep the building project on track – I couldn’t have done this in a 9-5 role.  It’s a bit of payback for the nights a few years ago when we worked until 11 pm doing payroll before I became full-time!”

Chris: “When I looked at business opportunities I wanted something scalable, proven but with support if needed it. I thought the people at ServiceMaster Clean were people I could work with and this has been found to be the case. It’s great to be part of a network. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this 20 years earlier – but then I wouldn’t have been able to grow it from the start with my daughter.”

Benefit from professional cleaning services

To benefit from the services provided by Chris, Jessica, and the rest of the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North East team, call 0191 250 5116 for a free quote on a range of bespoke cleaning services.

Or nationwide, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to contact your local cleaning experts today.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia is recognising the long service of an employee.

 The cleaning industry is infamous for notably high staff turnover rates. So, when members of staff work in a business for a long time, not only is it notable, but it’s also a sign of an exceptional operation.

One such business is ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia, which, on top of leading the way in terms of its environmental initiatives, has today celebrated the 19th work anniversary of one of its Cleaning Operatives, Sue Toll.

Not only that, but today Sue celebrated working with the same client with whom she began working almost two decades ago!

This demonstrates the strength of the client relationships cultivated at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services.

We work closely with our cleaners and customers to create a bespoke and personal service that is exceptional and performed with heart.

To celebrate Sue’s achievement, she was awarded a certificate and glass plaque – which can be seen above being handed to Sue by Operations Manager: Tim Stevens.

See the value of a cleaner that cares

Sue’s work and commitment epitomise our ServiceMaster commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that the value of a good service goes beyond just cost, which is why we pride ourselves on building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

This helps us to know, meet, and exceed your expectations and deliver the service you deserve every time.

To start working with a cleaner who puts care into everything they do, contact Malcolm and his team today by calling 0800 085 3541.

Or nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business today to receive a free, no-obligation quote on our bespoke and professional cleaning services.

With employees back in the office, how do you maintain your floors?

We might not think about our floors bearing the brunt of the UK’s changeable temperatures.

But, just like you, your commercial property also feels the chill of winter and highs of summer – particularly the flooring.

Luckily, the experts at ServiceMaster Clean are here with a guide to making your commercial floor maintenance easy.

Hard Surfaces

Many types of tile and hardwood commercial floors can require slightly different cleaning techniques.

However, you should always refer to your flooring manufacturer’s manual and test cleaning solutions in a small, inconspicuous area before starting to avoid costly damages.

When cleaning hardwood floors:

  • Sweep away visible debris to remove larger particles from the surface.
  • Use a semi-acidic floor cleaner or mix vinegar with water to neutralise and dissolve any remaining salt residue.
  • Refer to product instructions for dilution ratios.
  • Once the salt residue is suspended in the cleaner, use a mop to absorb the liquid.
  • If your floor’s finish has been damaged, use a stripper solution to remove it.
  • Apply the solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Add more as needed.
  • Refer to the specific stripping product’s label for exact instructions.

Safety Tip: Use floor fans and open windows to improve ventilation when working with harsh chemicals.

  • Use a scrubber to agitate the surface and strip the remaining finish.
  • Mop the floor with clean water to remove lingering chemicals from the cleaner and stripping solution.
  • Let the floor dry completely.
  • Apply two coats of sealing and a few fresh coats of finish for a floor that looks as good as new.

Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces are equally affected by salt, mud, and melting snow or ice – if not more so.

The salt residue will leave a characteristic white and powdery residue on carpet surfaces, while chemicals can soak deep into the fibres and padding.

If water damage goes untreated, mould and mildew can grow and spread, leading to long-term issues.

How to Clean Commercial Carpets

Add absorbent doormats, umbrella stands and coat racks to your building’s entrance to reduce the amount of water that can reach your carpeted areas during the winter.

In warmer weather, follow these steps to clean your carpets.

  • Vacuum visible dirt particles and debris.
  • Use water and a residue-removing cleaning solution.
  • Let the solution soak into the carpet for approximately 15 minutes. Refer to the specific product for dilution ratios.
  • Use a wet vacuum to remove the solution, oils and dissolved residue.
  • Rinse with clean water and suction it out with a wet vacuum. You may find that you need to repeat steps 2-4 depending on the amount of damage.
  • Use carpet fans to dry the floor.

Need your premises cleaned to a high standard?

The time, energy, and heavy equipment required to clean commercial carpets can burden any business owner.

If you need carpet cleaning or hard floor maintenance, let the experts at ServiceMaster Clean do the work by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business or calling 0845 201 1184.

Zuzanna from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick is participating in Race for Life.

Run by Cancer Research UK, Race for Life is the largest series of fundraising events in the UK.

Beginning 30 years ago as a single, women-only event, Race for Life has grown into a collective of hundreds of events across the country.

During this time, it has raised over £940 million for cancer research in the UK.

Zuzanna’s Race for Life

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick carries out bespoke and expert cleaning services in commercial properties in and around Warwick, ensuring that all properties are kept to a quality standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

Zuzanna from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick is participating in this year’s Race for Life event by running in the Worcester 3k event to raise funds for cancer research.

She is supported by Ella from Anytime Fitness in Stratford Upon Avon, who is helping train her for the challenge.

Zuzanna says she decided to participate in the race because of watching multiple friends and family suffer from cancer.

“It’s devastating looking at them and being unable to help them apart from being for them and supporting them when they need it.”

“That’s why I think every penny is so important to continue the research on how we can help people to get well and enjoy them being in our life for a long time.”

She hopes to reach a £100 fundraising target, which she is already halfway to meeting.

“Cancer is happening right now, which is why I’m taking part in a Race for Life 3k to raise money and save lives,” she says.

“1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Every pound you donate makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s ground-breaking work, so please sponsor me now.”

The money raised

The research undertaken by Cancer Research UK has helped contribute to improving survival rates for various forms of cancer.

Survival rates across all 200 forms of cancer have doubled overall in the last 40 years.

All money raised by sponsoring Zuzanna and other participants goes towards Cancer Research UK’s lifesaving work, funding laboratories, tests and treatments of all 200 types of cancer.

The money raised from Zuzanna’s £100 target could purchase:

  • Essential research chemicals for 20 ground-breaking labs, helping us all beat cancer sooner.
  • Five new microscope bulbs
  • Eight new lab timers to help scientists track their work
  • Two special restriction enzymes. These work like molecular scissors to cut up the long strands of DNA in our cells
  • A Bunsen burner, which helps scientists carry out their essential work.

To help Zuzanna reach her goal, please consider visiting her JustGiving page and donating today.

Yasmin Chaudhari, Marketing Manager for ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services joins us all in cheering on Zuzanna:

“It’s great to hear that our teams are rising to the challenge and getting involved with charitable events nationwide.”

“From all of us at ServiceMaster Brands UK, we wish Zuzanna the best with the Race for Life.”

“We hope this will be a rewarding achievement for you and Cancer Research UK. Good luck, Zuzanna!”

Contact Us

To benefit from the services provided by Michal, Zuzanna and the rest of the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services team, call 01926 353095 for a free quote on a range of bespoke cleaning services.

Or nationwide, call 0845 201 1184 or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business to contact your local cleaning experts today.

Looking for ways to commemorate the coronation as a business? 

The Big Help Out is a coming together of thousands of organisations nationwide, uniting to support local communities.

What is the Big Help Out?

Organised in conjunction with celebrations for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, starting on Monday 8th May, The Big Help Out is a voluntary initiative supported by some of the UK’s largest volunteer organisations, like the National Trust, Scouts and the RSPCA, to raise awareness of volunteering throughout the UK.

Activities throughout the day will provide opportunities for people to experience volunteering and make a difference in their communities.

How do I take part?

There are many ways to get involved in The Big Help Out.

If you are interested, you can participate as:

  1. An individual
  2. An organisation
  3. A business

To register as any of these participants, access the official app.

What can I do?

As Big Help Organisers state:

“There will be opportunities for everyone to join in. No matter what you are good at, there’ll be something to suit helping hands of all shapes and sizes! From checking in on someone who’d like a bit of company or volunteering for a charity. The more of us who join in, the bigger help we will be.”

Activities can include events benefitting:

There’s plenty to do, so get involved however you can.

We’ll see you there!

Give your premises a royal treatment

Whatever your business or operation, a proper cleaning programme is vital.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we have over 60 years of experience delivering high-quality, bespoke and professional cleaning services across varied sectors.

Whether you’re an office, retail, medical, housing or warehouse facility, trust your local experts and get a cleaning programme tailor-made to suit you today.

Get a clean fit for a king by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business or calling 0845 201 1184 today.