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Six things that contribute to a dirty office

It may feel like you spend most of your time and most of your life in the office (tell us about it!) but did you know that your dirty office may well be making you sick? Stuffy offices with poor ventilation, low humidity, dust and dirt, poor lighting and constantly changing temperatures are all factors that contribute to making you feel unwell at work.

With that in mind, here’s six things that really do create a dirty office….

Sink and microwave handles

The kitchen and lunch room are always clean right? Wrong! A study in the US by Kimberley-Clark Professional and the University of Arizona found that 75% of the sinks and taps they tested presented a considerable risk for transmitting illnesses. It’s not only sinks that cause the issues; around 48% of microwave door handles contained dangerous levels of yucky stuff too!

Your desk

Your desk, the one you’re sitting at right now; you’ve probably eaten at that desk, dropped crumbs and spilled drinks, which means it’s a hotspot for germs. It’s believed there are 400x more bacteria on your office desk than a toilet seat and studies have found that the area where your hands rest on your desk has roughly 10,000 bacteria. To avoid a dirty office, do yourself a favour and wipe down your desk or request it’s cleaned and disinfected by your cleaners.

dirty office

The photocopier 

How many people in your dirty office touch the photocopier on a daily basis? Now think about how many times the photocopier is actually cleaned or wiped down. You can’t trust the photocopier.

Your colleagues

We don’t really want to think about it but we’re essentially bacteria-breeding machines. A study by San Diego University found that the majority of bacteria in a dirty office environment is derived from people, with men producing 10%-20% more than women. Good hand hygiene is the key to reducing germs and bacteria in an office.

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Your chair

How often is your chair cleaned or wiped down compared to your desk or the kitchen worktops? Not nearly as often as it should and who knows what’s hiding in there? We all sweat, just a little, so all those bacteria can find a nice home in the backs and seats of our dirty office chairs. Our suggestion? Make the investment and have them professionally cleaned regularly. It’s worth it in the long run.

Your keyboard

Considering the area where you hands are on your desk contains around 10,000 bacteria, there’s no wonder than a study found 27% of keyboards it tested presented another considerable risk for transmitting illnesses. A representative for The Healthy Workplace Project said: “by washing, wiping and sanitising, employees can reduce their rates of cold, flu and stomach illness by up to 80%.”

dirty office

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