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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services continues to go from strength to strength.

At the 2018 ServiceMaster Summer Summit we were proud to celebrate exceptional achievement by many of our ServiceMaster Clean Office & Commercial Cleaning Franchisees.

award winning office cleaning company

Find out who the Office Cleaning Award Winners were below:

2017 North Star Growth Awards

Awarded to:


South West Wales



Strathclyde East

Strathclyde South



London City


Reading & Newbury

2017 North Star Growth Award >£1m Growth in 5 years

Awarded to:

London City

Reading & Newbury

2017 North Star Customer Awards

Awarded to:

North Surrey with an NPS score of 56%

Bradford with an NPS score of 57%

South West Wales with an NPS score of 75%

2017 North Star People Awards

Awarded to:

Guildford employee Kinga Derenowska

Reading & Newbury employee Doreen Baxter

2017 Rookie of the Year Award

This award is for brand new franchisees that have been in business for less than two years.

It recognises the licensee who has implemented the ServiceMaster system and substantially grown the business and is based on Customer Level Revenue for the first full twelve months of revenues reported.

Awarded to: Siva Kugathas CS Guildford

Rookie of the year award


(Formerly Marion E Wade Award)

This is the most prestigious award that we present and is the pinnacle of achievement for a franchisee within the Company.

This is also awarded to one of the businesses that has met the Entry Criteria and is presented to the ServiceMaster Franchisee who has displayed the highest achievement in the pursuit of excellence and professional management in the ServiceMaster tradition.

Additional Criteria:

  • Showing growth Customer Level Revenue
  • Using ServiceMaster’s recommended Brand Software (CleanLink)
  • Using TellServiceMaster (NPS) to monitor customer satisfaction
  • Uses and updates their company web-pages
  • Is supportive and provides encouragement for growth towards other franchisees in the network

Awarded to: Kevin Harden CS Mercia

Franchisee of the year

Award collected by Mark Harden (pictured)

Congratulations to all of the award winners.