COVID-19 cleaning

How Covid-19 has placed more value on the cleaning industry

As a contract commercial cleaning provider, cleaning has obviously been very important to us as a company from the outset. Being honest (and generally speaking), the daily office cleaning is not usually the top priority for many. We know on the whole, most people would rather be spending their time doing their day to day work than spending their time on the nitty gritty of how their office, school or GP surgery gets cleaned.

Since COVID-19, things have changed, if you haven’t seen the ads from the government about regular hand washing for 20 minutes, you have probably been hiding under a rock! Regular cleaning as well as social distancing have formed the basis of reducing the spread of the infection. In light of this, regular cleaning and sanitising in any place of work, education, health or even leisure facility has now become much more of a priority.

Over recent weeks, as more industries have opened, we have certainly seen a noticeable increase in the number of clients asking for additional cleaning hours and more detailed cleaning on things like high touch point areas such as hand rails & door handles. We have seen a marked increase in levels of enquiry from businesses that usually handle the cleaning themselves but now feel it is more important for a ‘professional’ company to provide the cleaning service for them.

Cleaning and sanitising is now seen as a much more valuable service than before and is seen as vital in the efforts to keep staff, visitors, pupils & customers safe. For probably the first time ever cleaners have been seen as ‘key workers’ as they continued to work through even the height of lockdown; to help ensure schools, GP surgeries and any other vital service providers could stay open safely.

As a contract commercial cleaning provider, we are pleased to see the value now being placed on cleanliness and hygiene and getting it right, and the new found appreciation for the cleaners that work day in and day out providing this ‘valuable’ service to ensure everyone can move on to the ‘new normal’ that we all face.