In light of what is going on in the world, it’s great to have some positive stories. So, it is wonderful to share that local resident Austin Sibtain has invested in a new business in the area. Austin has invested in a ServiceMaster Clean franchise to offer Commercial Cleaning Services throughout the Wembley & Kensington areas.

Austin was born in London, is one of three children, went to school in London and then on to Warwick University to study Economics. Having worked in the financial sector in London, the Middle East and Far East, for a number of blue chip organisations such as Barclays & Coutts Private Bank, Austin has gained respect for high work ethics and standards and adheres to follow them in every interaction.

Due to his previous experiences managing demanding clients, Austin is experienced at providing a service precisely, accurately and to meet expectations. Quality of Service is a must and Austin will be bringing these values to his cleaning business. “Do the best you can in whatever you do” and “Do it with a smile!”.

Austin has previously headed up a trust company London office with over 20 staff, so understands that sorting the office cleaning may not be the top priority for many business owners, but appreciates the critical importance of image, presentation and the right perception, for ANY business.

For many years, cleaning has been seen as a low-level job role but with the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the country, cleaning is now being recognised for the important role it actually plays. Austin believes that the imperative to ensure that physical premises are clean and staff & clients protected, will become just as important as having good compliance and risk practices in place.

Working with such an established brand as ServiceMaster Clean means that Austin can offer exceptional cleaning services with his dedication to quality of service and local commitment, whilst having the backing and support from a national brand and network.

“Throughout my career I have worked with the ethos that whatever you do, you should do it properly. To some, it may just be seen as cleaning but there is real value in getting the cleaning right, especially in light of COVID-19. At the end of the day, I’m here to assist my clients”, said Austin Sibtain, owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Wembley – Kensington.

“Having such a good work ethic, attention to detail and business knowledge, we know how successful Austin can be, we’re excited to see him succeed and become one of the leading ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses within the network”, added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

We wish Austin all the best with his new business venture and we’ll be here to help in any way that we can along his journey.

Find out how Austin and ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Wembley-Kensington can help you with your commercial & office cleaning requirements by visiting their local web pages.

In light of what is going on in the world, it is great to have some positive stories. Michal Karwerski has been in the cleaning industry for more than 15 years. He originally started as a daily cleaner working for a local commercial cleaning company and working his way up the ranks, being promoted to supervisor and then area supervisor.

Having gained years of experience and getting to know the industry from the ground up, Michal knew there was opportunity for a reliable and professional cleaning company, so made the decision to start his own cleaning business just over 5 years ago, which became a ltd business in 2017.

During this time, Michal has grown an established business, as he saw the emphasis and change in attitude towards cleaning grow during the COVID-19 pandemic, he made the decision to invest for the future and join the ServiceMaster Clean franchise. Michal has worked for a ServiceMaster franchise before so knows the brand and sees joining the network as an opportunity to grow further.

Working with such an established brand means that Michal can continue to offer the same great local commitment, whilst having the backing and support from a national brand and network.

“I have lived and worked in Stratford-upon-Avon for the best part of 15 years. I am really pleased to be investing in ServiceMaster; as it gives me a fantastic opportunity to bring jobs and services to my local area”, said Michal Karwerski, owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick.

“Having such a good knowledge of the cleaning industry from the ground up and having grown and developed his own business over recent years, we know how successful Michal can be, we’re excited to see him succeed and become one of the leading ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses within the network”, added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

We wish Michal all the best with his new business venture and we’ll be here to help in any way we can along his journey.

Find out how Michal and ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Warwick can help you with your commercial & office cleaning requirements by visiting their local web pages.

Amandip Bahia has owned a Merry Maids residential cleaning business since 2017 and although the residential side of the business has seen difficulties this year, residential cleaning has seen a noticeable increase over recent months as professional cleaning has become more of a priority. Amandip understands that a priority for many at the moment is to maintain high cleaning standards and having built a successful cleaning business over the last few years, has made the decision to expand his services and invest in a commercial cleaning company, namely; ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Nottingham & Derby.

With his business expansion, Amandip will be able to put his knowledge and expertise to use and provide professional daily and regular cleaning services to businesses, schools, nurseries and healthcare providers among others.

His aim is to grow the commercial side of the business in the area and as it grows, create job opportunities across the area.

Having owned businesses within the domestic cleaning sector, Amandip’s knowledge of the cleaning industry, attention to detail and cleaning operative management means, Amandip has all of the experience needed to provide exceptional service to his commercial clients; and as part of the ServiceMaster Clean network, also has the support and backing of a national network and over 60 years of cleaning experience in the UK.

“‘Having owned a successful residential cleaning company, I have decided to expand into the commercial cleaning sector, under the Contract Services franchise network, as I believe there is an opportunity to develop a business in this area.

I am looking to grow a successful business which would not only help the local businesses but also create local job opportunities”, said Amandip Bahia, owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Nottingham & Derby.

“Having grown and developed his Merry Maids business over recent years, we know how successful Amandip can be and we’re excited to see him succeed and become one of the leading ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses within the network”, added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

We wish Amandip all the best with his new business venture and we’ll be here to help in any way that we can along his journey.

Find out how Amandip and ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Nottingham & Derby can help you with your commercial & office cleaning requirements by visiting their local web pages.

Commercial and janitorial cleaning services have become a much more important service since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

While a lot of businesses were forced to close during lockdown, many schools, healthcare providers and other vital service providers were required to stay open throughout the lockdown. Rachael Downer – Managing Director of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey-London explains how they adapted to the new and evolving situation to keep their staff working safely and ensure their clients could too.

Dealing with the news

When lockdown was first announced, our first thoughts were to contact our staff to reassure them that we will do everything in our power to manage our teams through this unique situation and to reassure them that we would be talking to the sites that they worked at, evaluating the situation and putting steps in place to ensure every one’s safety above all.

Following on from this, our next priority was to contact all of our clients. It was important to us to contact our clients and immediately, assess what their requirements were and what we could do to help.  We also contacted our H&S advisors to ensure that we were adhering to new legislation and guidelines and ensuring both our staff and clients’ safety.

We carried out a full review of the services we provided or would need to provide for every one of our clients initially; most of our clients were unsure about what would be needed as nobody knew what the following weeks and months would bring. The cleaning services were and continue to be reviewed regularly to meet the changing needs of our clients.

In addition to the changing needs of our clients; we had the challenge of working with our staff who also had pressures on their schedules with increased child care issues, with schools being closed.

How we adapted

To help ensure our clients sites were cleaned and sanitised for themselves, their staff and their customers or visitors, we adapted quickly to be able to provide additional services and products for our clients. These additional services on top of our regular contract cleaning included things like: Fogging, touch point cleaning, review of specifications and budgets, PPE and even Display notices. These additional services and products meant our clients could meet their own cleaning & hygiene obligations without having to source additional supplies or suppliers, making it easier for them when there is enough to deal with.

We usually hold regular meetings with our clients to ensure we are meeting our clients service expectations and with the constant changes, we found that we needed to keep in touch with our clients more than ever. Obviously with social distancing, face to face meetings were not ideal so we made the most of remote methods (as many of us have done over these last few months) and kept in regular contact using Phone, email & Zoom.

As lockdown has eased and our other clients have been able to re-open, we are pleased to say that we have been able to get our teams back in and be able to provide our usual or adjusted cleaning schedule within 48 hours of instruction from our client.

Providing more for our clients

As more clients have opened, we have seen an increase in requests for our additional services such as; Fogging, touch point cleaning, review of specifications and budgets, PPE and Display notices.

In additional to providing these services and products, we have also provided extra  training to key employees to understand the science behind the virus and how bio-fogging can help and we are pleased to say our trained staff are now accredited to give extra reassurance to our clients.

Providing exceptional levels of service is and always has been a priority to us at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey-London and to ensure we maintained our services levels through the pandemic we increased the level of communication in respect of weekly updates on recommended services and update summaries on government guidelines, if we are all informed we are all safer.

As clients are getting back to business

At the height of the lockdown 60% of our clients were forced to close their business, now only 15% remain closed, due to the type of industry they are in. One of our main concerns as our clients came back was bringing our staff back off furlough in time to resume cleaning services rapidly.

In the main, this was actually very smooth, a couple of staff were very nervous about returning and in these cases we have placed cover staff on site and regular cleaners are on unpaid leave until they are comfortable to return.

Throughout the pandemic, our employees have been amazing!  The level of flexibility and understanding to take on new methods of cleaning and new times to deliver the service has been truly impressive. Both the operations team and support teams have adapted to new methods of working and we are delivering a service that makes our clients and staff feel safe in these very challenging times.

Cleaning on clique

Cleaning historically is not that important to many decision makers in businesses but cleaning ‘the right way’ has always been our number one priority at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Surrey-London. Since the COVID-19 pandemic cleaning has very clearly become a much more valued service and we hope to work more in partnership with our existing clients to meet their needs for their unique environments.

With cleaning becoming more of a priority, not only have we seen requests from our existing client to increase or adjust their ongoing cleaning service, we have also seen an increase in enquiries. We have signed several new contracts recently. There is a growing trend of businesses that historically clean the building themselves want the reassurance of a professional compliant to ensure the cleaning is done the right way as well as clients who have just not received the right service from their existing clients.

Our new clients have required services including 24 hours on site cleaners in the construction industry, communal cleaning for offices and bio fogging services and due to our structure and ability to adapt we are well placed to be able to provide these services effectively. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with our new clients.

Our clients trust us and I believe this is imperative to any relationship working and lasting. They have seen that we have risen to the challenge that the whole world has faced and we have been able to offer flexible solutions to their challenges whilst appreciating the financial struggle some have found themselves facing. I believe going forward clients will expect more but there is a new respect for the cleaning industry which benefits all parties.

Give us a call on 0845 201 1184 or email us at ask how we can help with your commercial cleaning requirements.

Tom Jackson has owned Merry Maids Dudley since 2002 and due to his success, expanded this residential cleaning service in to Wolverhampton, Birmingham South and Solihull over recent years. Tom has built a highly successful business and as his business has expanded, he has been able to employ more and more local people  throughout the area he services. Due to his success and looking at ways to share his expertise, Tom made the decision to invest in a commercial cleaning company, namely; ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Dudley.

With his ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business, Tom will be offering contract daily & regular cleaning to businesses, schools, nurseries & healthcare providers among others.

Having owned businesses within the domestic cleaning sector for nearly 20 years, Tom’s knowledge of the cleaning industry, attention to detail and cleaning operative management means, Tom has all the experience to provide exceptional service to his commercial clients; and as part of the ServiceMaster Clean network, also has the support and back up of a national network and over 60 years of cleaning experience in the UK.

“I’m looking forward to the new challenge utilising my experience gained from my Merry Maids domestic cleaning franchises and transferring it into the commercial sector”, said Tom Jackson, owner of Contract Services Dudley.

Tom strives on figures and being at the top, and that’s exactly where he currently is within the Merry Maids network. He’s looking forward to a new challenge to start a commercial cleaning business from scratch, grow it significantly within 2 years and employ 100-150 local people.

“Having been with ServiceMaster for nearly 20 years, we know how successful Tom can be and we’re excited to see him succeed and become one of the leading ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses within the network”, added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

We wish Tom all the best with his new business venture and we’ll be here to help in any way we can along his journey.

The last couple of months have been tough for many local businesses and services as they were forced to temporarily close in March when lockdown was put in place; but some had to remain open. Schools, GP surgeries and some businesses all had to remain open to provide vital services. Staying open to provide these valuable services also created its own challenges, keeping staff, patients and pupils safe had new hurdles to overcome.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford (Owned by Siva Kugathas) provide daily and weekly cleaning for lots of local businesses, schools, nurseries and healthcare providers all year round; and as their client’s needs changed, they were able to adapt working patterns to ensure that their cleaning staff could meet the increased demand on some of their client’s sites to ensure that they could continue to operate safely.

Not only have ServiceMaster Guildford managed to meet the changing needs of their existing clients but, Siva and his team were more than equipped to help new clients that needed additional cleaning support during the crisis to help them to stay open safely. Suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) was provided for all of the cleaning staff that kept working to help keep both them and their clients safe. All ServiceMaster Guildford staff received and continue to receive regular communication to ensure they are up to date with changing requirements.

It has long been ServiceMaster Guildfords aim to establish a long-term relationship with their clients in which they play a key role in enhancing the image, cleanliness and hygiene of their clients premises.

In 2018 ServiceMaster Guildford invested in EShield technology, a disinfection system using electrostatic sprayers. They were the first approved users of the patented EShield technology in the UK, and this technology has enabled them to also provide COVID-19 sanitisation within 24 hours of a call from their client. ServiceMaster Guildford have sanitised offices and factories that had had positive COVID-19 cases, enabling them to reopen their premises to resume their services as soon as possible. The requirements for general deep cleans and sanitisation is also increasing as more businesses and services are allowed to open.

Siva’s priority is to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, he is working with all of his clients to help them to continue to operate by implementing new or reviewing current cleaning processes to help make it safe for all.

In December , ServiceMaster Clean COntract Services Canterbury/Ashford carried out a Beach Clean to raise money for Porchlight. Porchlight is the largest charity in Kent that helps the homeless and vulnerable.

We are pleased to say we raised £198.50! This will go a long way to funding their homeless helpline or providing welcome packs for someone’s first night away from the streets .

Thank you to everyone who donated!

We shall keep you posted about our next charity event.


Well, this is different! Being a fulltime working mum, homeschooling wasn’t something I had planned for and if you’re here reading this, I doubt you did eitherBut here I am and I’m trying my best to keep some normality as much as I can considering what’s going on in the world right now. 

I have two children, one of Primary School age and one in Secondary School, my challenge is to keep them entertained and somewhat educated while I work full time, from home (mostly) 

Keep To A School Day Routine  

To keep disruption to a minimum and help keep the kids focussed on their schoolwork, try sticking to a school day routine as much as you can. 

We are starting school at 9am each school day, and Ive found a fantastic YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach’ who are streaming live PE videos each school day. Take a look here – 

What better way to keep the kids active and get them ready for learning? If you want to know why exercising in the morning is so beneficial, this is a useful read: 

Scheduling The Kids Day 

Most schools have provided a good number of online resources, so why not structure your learning day/week into a school timetable. Evidence shows that children do best when they can follow a routine, this will also make it easier for you to keep on top of things.  

09.00 – 09.30  PE  PE  PE  PE 
09.30 – 10.15  MATHS  MATHS  MATHS  MATHS 
10.15 – 10.30  BREAK  BREAK  BREAK  BREAK 


Shhhh… I’m thinking of doing the Science bit at the weekend so I can have some fun too! 

Don’t forget, it’s also important to allow time for the kids to have fun and to entertain themselves, all work and no play is going to make this a long journey and well, we’ve got work to do too. 

If you are looking for more inspiration from an education point of view, below are some other links to a wide range of websites with homeschooling ideas.

Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained 

Are you looking for ways to entertain the kids that isn’t YouTube or computer games? 

Make the most of your garden or outside space, we all need some fresh air and sunshine, yes, it is out as I sit here writing this, stuck in the office and looking out of the window. As we all need a bit of a break from work and learning, I thought I’d also share a range of websites with ideas for fun things to do, so here you are: 

YouTube Channels: 

  • Crash Course Kids 
  • Science Channel 
  • SciShow Kids 
  • National  Geographic Kids 
  • Free School 
  • Geography Focus 
  • TheBrainScoop 
  • SciShow 
  • Kids Learning Tube 
  • Geeek Gurl Diaries 
  • Mike Likes Science 
  • Science Max 
  • SoulPancake 

 This isn’t going to be easy by any means, I’ve already needed to remind my kids that this isn’t a holiday but hopefully, this will help keep you sane that little bit longer and at least give you some ideas to help you through it.  

My Own Personal Favourites;  

  • Home economics – Teach them how to make a cup of tea, for me of course, as I’m busy working!
  • Science – How washing up liquid removes grease from the saucepan and other cooking utensils
  • Mechanical Engineering – How to operate a hoover, the kids always think it’s a hard job! 

Written by Vicky, Commercial Marketing Manager and Full Time Mum 

Here at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Canterbury we are passionate about cleaning and giving back to our local community.

As part of our commitment to our local community and our company environmental ethos, ServiceMaster Canterbury took part in a Beach clean. The beach clean took place on Friday 13th November and four members of the office team took part. The team were provided with a litter picking kit by the foreshore services through Canterbury Council and were given a specific part of the beach to clean.
The clean took about an hour and a half in total and made a noticeable difference to the beach so all of the local residents can enjoy it more. As part of our environmentally aware ethos at ServiceMaster Canterbury, we are putting plans in place to take part in more regular beach cleans during 2020.
ServiceMaster Canterbury are putting in plans to go ‘Above and Beyond’ not only in cleaning but also giving back to our local community and raising money for a local charity while we are at it.
Here’s to a brighter, cleaner, healthier 2020

Nick has recently purchased ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Milton Keynes after being with ServiceMaster for 15 years, owning a Merry Maids franchise.

He took the opportunity to branch out as he noticed the success of the other ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses around the country and wanted a piece of the pie himself!

Nick has been caretaking the Milton Keynes contract cleaning business for a while, but wanted to officially own the branch to increase revenue and grow productively on his own terms.

“Having a domestic cleaning background with Merry Maids Milton Keynes has given me a customer-related approach to business, therefore, I feel ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services is the right step to take”, said Nick.

Nick is planning to purchase new territory over the next few years when opportunities arise and wants the contract cleaning brand to become his primary business within the next 5 years.

“Having experience in the domestic cleaning industry and the knowledge of the ServiceMaster franchise model, I feel that Nick will be a successful business owner in the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services network”, added Guy Strang, Brand Manager.

Local businessman investing in Glasgow.

Local Businessman ‘Raj Joshi’ has recently purchased ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services East Strathclyde after being in property lettings since 2006 and owning another domestic & commercial cleaning company since 2018.

Raj saw an advert for the local ServiceMaster Clean franchise for sale and made the decision to purchase the well-established business as he wanted to expand his knowledge of the industry and be part of a well-established brand.

“I wanted to buy the experience and have the backing of ServiceMaster, who are a well-known brand in the industry and I always live by the saying, if you put your mind to it, anything is possible”, said Raj.

Raj’s goal is to grow the business to £1.5 million by the end of his first year and grow it to a £10 million business by year five. He aims to do this with a lot of hard work, acquiring some existing cleaning companies and purchasing other territories in Scotland. Raj will be looking to employing local talent as the company grows.

“Having experience in the cleaning industry already and the right attitude to succeed, we feel that Raj will be a successful business owner in the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services network”, added Guy Strang, Brand Manager.

All of the team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford, are delighted that one of our clients – YMCA Guildford Foyer has been nominated for an award at the YMCA Youth Matters awards.

Just over 3 years ago YMCA Guildford was registered as a welcome centre for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC). Due to local authority cuts the welcome centre service was cut. However YMCA Guildford were determined to maintain their services and put to use the expertise developed in that time to support newly arrived UASC within a supported housing environment.

The award they have been nominated for is the Diversity Award 2019 

Read more here:

We’d love to help the team atYMCA Guildford Foyer get the votes they need to get shortlisted and get the awesome young people they work with to the event and we’d love it if you could help too.

ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside are very proud to be the main sponsor of Lumley U17s football team. The lads certainly had another great season, winning all 3 competitions they entered. They won the Russell Foster Premier League by 16 points and followed this up with the U18s Durham County Cup beating Hartlepool Youth U18s 4-0 in the final. They then went on to win the League Cup from Hebburn on warm day 6-0 in this final to achieve the treble.

The team is managed by the Business Owner of ServiceMaster Clean Durham & Teesside, Chris Blewitt. When asked what is the secret of their success Chris replied, ‘’they mop up everything at the back and sweep the opposition aside’’. You wouldn’t expect anything else from the best junior football team in the North East,  who are sponsored by the best cleaning company.

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury are delighted to announce this year’s winner of the annual Avril Bannister Award.  This award was set up in 2011 to honour a former colleague, Avril Bannister and presented annually to a member of staff who exhibits the same high standards exhibited by Avril in the following areas:  Dependability, Consistent Quality of Work, Communications, Leadership, Appearance and Commitment.

We are delighted that John Millington, Field Supervisor for the Communal Services Department was awarded the Avril Bannister Award for 2018.  Since joining ServiceMaster on 25th April 2005, John progressed to his current role and subsequently qualified as a BICSc Assessor, passing on a depth and breadth knowledge and experience to the Communal team.  His positive and steady nature, combined with warm and friendly style is integral to his role as the backbone of the Communal technicians.

Amanda Cook, Field Services Supervisor for the Commercial Services Department is a very worthy runner up.  Amanda has a very strong customer focus and exemplifies the service provision our customers want and expect.  She takes time to get to know her staff and provide extra support for those who need it.  Amanda looks for solutions not for problems.

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury is celebrating after collecting 2  prestigious  awards at the  annual awards conference

 ServiceMaster Clean Newbury Win Two Awards

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury scooped up  two awards at the  annual ServiceMaster conference event


A franchise of ServiceMaster, ServiceMaster Clean Newbury provides Contract Cleaning Services for Doctor Surgeries, Veterinary Practices, Car Showrooms, Sport Stadiums, Offices, Factories and Schools throughout the Newbury area.


ServiceMaster Clean Newbury has grown steadily over the last 5 years with  Its three dedicated Services Divisions, Contract Services Commercial for Office Cleaning, Retail Showrooms etc. Contract Services Communal for the specialist cleaning of Housing Associations, General Needs Properties, Sheltered Schemes and Void Cleaning.


ServiceMaster Clean Newbury has 7 Departments, one of which is  Business Services which manages and oversee all operational and Quality aspects of the company.  In addition to having dedicated departments, ServiceMaster Newbury has built a culture based on Principles – People – Performance which has helped to develop great teamwork.


ServiceMaster Clean Newbury has invested in ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 combined Quality and Environmental Management System.  This Quality Assurance Management Programme (QAMP) is overseen by Jane Paisley, Quality Assurance Manager.  The QAMP incorporates a regime of audits and KPI reporting.


Nicola Loxton, the Business Administrator for ServiceMaster Clean Newbury, stated: “The continued growth of ServiceMaster Newbury is a reflection of the quality of its people, the strength of its processes and procedures and a high level of responsibility and accountability at all levels of the company.


The objectives  for the next 12 months  is to grow our business  through the work of the New Business & Development Department and also via Social Housing tenders, also to continue to look at and trial innovative equipment and products, especially those of benefit to the environment.”


Nick Dee Shapland, M.D. of Deeland Limited t/a ServiceMaster Clean Newbury voiced his delight to say that it was great to be recognised by ServiceMaster our Franchisor for the Sales Results we had produced this last year.


Managing Director of ServiceMaster Limited (Franchisor), Alan Lewin said: “It was great to see so many of our franchise community and suppliers gathered together to engage in the Summer Summit event. I am always appreciative of the commitment that our franchisees and suppliers make in taking a day out of their business to invest time with peers, colleagues & the franchise support team at ServiceMaster.


“We recognise achievements in the categories of Growth, People, Customer and Invest, these headings form part of our organisational “North Star” which we use as is a simple guide to cultural performance and strategic execution for all stakeholders across our community.


“We recognise the big obvious stuff like, rising NPS scores, customer service accolades, established franchisees that have grown their revenues by in excess of £1m+, and new franchisees that have got great results from their startup, and beaten their financial projections” Finished Alan


Recognising some of the less obvious, but nonetheless, culturally vital parts of franchising are imperative to ServiceMaster and the Summer Summit conference allowed this to happen.


Awards were given for not only growth, but also to those that have given back to their community, or employees of franchisees that have demonstrated their commitment to the brand attributes engaging in initiatives and actions with colleagues and customers well beyond their job description, very often in their own time at their own expense.



ServiceMaster has over 300 franchisees operating in close to 700 licensed areas under its brands, including Merry Maids, ServiceMaster Clean, Furniture Medic, TruGreen Professional LawnCare and Rosemary Bookkeeping. TruGreen has been recognised as a leading franchise opportunity in the Elite Franchise Top 100 franchises in the United Kingdom.

One of our franchisees, Siva Kugathas, who runs ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford slept on the streets to support YMCA!


YMCA DownsLink Group hosted their annual Sleep Easy Event at Guildford Castle, which had around 31 people sleeping outdoors on the night of Friday 22nd March.

Siva was one of the dedicated men and women that decided to support this fantastic cause and decided to donate a whopping £1000 to the event and YMCA.

“It was very tough having to sleep just the one night outside, but homeless people sleep every night on the street. I knew I would go home the next day, but those who sleep on the streets don’t have that facility. It made me think deeper.” commented Siva

Sleep Easy has taken place in five locations so far across YMCA DownsLink Groups area, and to date, they have raised more than £42,000! The money raised goes towards helping young people that are currently living homeless, for multiple different reasons.

Donations can still be made online to this great cause at

Siva also added, “I am proud to have been involved with this event, and at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford we are always looking to closely work with local charities and support them in any way we can”.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford are please to be able to help with this worthwhile cause.

Trincomalee R.K.M Sri Koneswara Hindu College
Old Students Association
United Kingdom

Trincomalee R.K.M Sri Koneswara Hindu College

We would like to express our gratitude for your generous donation of GBP 500.00 towards our charitable causes. Your donation was used to renovate 2 wells in Seethanan Veli village in the Eastern outskirts of Trincomalee District. A community of 100 families were struggling without clean water for drinking and general purpose and your donation helped us in rectifying that.

On behalf of both Hindu OSA UK & Seethanan Veli community, I would like to thank you and hope that you will continue to support our cause in the future.


Ilancheliyan (Cheliyan)

Following a fantastic year, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford took the Management team for a social event to show thanks to the team and further build team spirt.

The fixture was Guildford Flames vs Coventry Blaze on Sat 12th Jan 2019

It was a great event and a good opportunity to stop talking all things Office Cleaning and get behind one of the local teams here in Guildford, sadly Guildford lost on this occasion but ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford will be back to show support soon.


The Managing Director Siva Kugathas over at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford & Thames Valley joined in with the nation hosting a Macmillan coffee morning for the staff in his team and other staff within his office building.

There were fun little games like “Place The Cherry on The Gateau” and guess the weight of the cake, along with more cake and coffee than a supermarket, it ended up being a fun morning, with some full stomachs!

Siva, the management team, some friends and the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services brand manager, Guy Strang raised the grand total of £300.22.

I’m sure this is something they will do next year and after hearing how much fun the team had, and how much money was raised other ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services teams around the country will do the same next year also.

ServiceMaster Clean Guildford, is a franchise of ServiceMaster, owned and managed by Siva Kugathas for just the last 18 months, the business continues to go from strength to strength.

ServiceMaster Clean Guildford provides commercial cleaning services for doctor surgeries, veterinary practices, car showrooms, sport stadiums, offices, factories and schools throughout Guildford, Woking and Farnham.

Siva collected Rookie of the Year, Sales Growth and his employee Kinga Derenowska picked up Employee of the Year at the Summer Summit conference for ServiceMaster limited held in June of this year.

“To pick up these three awards despite only being in business a short length of time is fantastic. I am thrilled, we all are.” Commented Siva

“I chose to nominate Kinga for Employee of the Year as this year she really has gone above and beyond. Kinga started as an office admin worker and her main responsibility was doing Payroll and Accounts. She was not responsible for recruitment or any other operational duties. However, she saw that I needed help and took it upon herself to help during her own spare time.

“We grew from 17 employees on payroll when I took over the business to 79 in just 11 months and Kinga has always been on hand wherever needed in the business. I truly believe CS Guildford wouldn’t have grown this much so soon, without the commitment and help from Kinga” Finished Siva

Picking up one award is an achievement, but to collect three in the first year of business is outstanding.