Many small businesses find that in order to save money with their cleaning they will “share the cleaning between the staff” or “I do it myself when I have a spare few minutes” or “a friend comes in once a week to give it a once over”.

This is all well and good but when you break down the actual costs of “doing it yourself” you will soon find that this approach is actually costing you more!!

Cleaning it yourself.

A small business with an office to will usually consist of a few desks, washroom, small kitchen and reception/entrance so on the face of it does not require much attention.

Where as the truth is the Office has desks, chairs, bins, computers, drawers, units, skirting’s, carpet, phones, switches, extinguishers, windows, windowsills, lights. The Kitchen has hard floor, units, work tops, microwave, fridge, toaster (with crumbs) skirting’s, bin and the Washrooms have the toilet bowl, Hard floor, sink, taps, pipes, door…..

So when it comes to cleaning’ a small office can become much larger and the “few minutes” can become a good hour!

  • This is just the basics of cleaning and when we go more in depth are you using the right Techniques?
  • Is the ‘friend who helps out’ Insured against damages? Have they been trained on how to Safely Use the chemicals and what to do if an Accident happens?
  • If they go on Holiday who do you get to come in and help?
  • Then there is the Equipment!
  • Is the equipment such as the Vacuum suitable for the job?
  • Have they been PAT Tested?
  • What do you do if the Vacuum Breaks or suddenly stops working?
  • The Mop Heads need changing and you also need new Cloths!
  • The Chemicals you have bought from the shop, are they Suitable for the job?
  • Do these chemicals have COSHH and MSDS Sheets?
  • Is the equipment Colour Coded to eliminate Cross Contamination?
  • If you run out of Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Surface Spray do you have to dash out to the supermarket to buy some more?

Running the company office is your main priority.
Let cleaning the company office be ours.

To the majority of Small Business owners the various aspects of cleaning mentioned above would not cross their mind, it didn’t me until I began working with ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, but all are important and need taking into consideration to not only keep your office clean but also safe and hygienic too.

Factor in that with the Cost and Time taken to purchase the Chemicals, the Equipment, the Maintenance and Repair, organise someone to Cover “The Friend” when they are off and to check that they are Cleaning to your Standards.
These are all things to be considered but most importantly do you as a business owner have the Free Time to organise the cleaning, the Free Time to take an hour to clean the office or the Free Time to buy and replace things that the cleaner needs?

My bet is no…but we do.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Huddersfield, Leeds & Wakefield we have the time to provide you with all the safe and documented equipment and chemicals you need, we have the time to ensure cover is provided if the cleaner is off, we have the time to replace broken equipment and most importantly we have the time to ensure you are getting the service you deserve.

Having Contract Cleaners such as ServiceMaster in place may look like an added cost to your business but when you look a little deeper, it is not as much as you may think!