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A Comprehensive Guide to Floor Maintenance

Christmas and New Year have come and gone, with some employees returning to offices, and the temperatures getting lower, it is time to start thinking about your floor maintenance.  We might not think about our floors also bearing the brunt of colder temperatures, but just like you (and your home) your commercial property also feels […]


Appreciating Our Staff – The Golden Ticket to Franchise Success

Though it is behind us now, 2021 was difficult for people and businesses worldwide. During these uncertain times, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have stayed committed to supporting our staff through the challenges of the last year. Behind every successful franchise network is a team of staff who work tirelessly to make sure that our services […]

Top 5 reasons why having a clean desk is the best way

Having a clean and tidy desk in your office can boost productivity amongst other things, here are our top 5 reasons why having a clean desk is the best way. Health The average desk can host more bacteria than a toilet seat… ew. This is usually due to people eating at their desks and not […]

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services: Year in Review 2021

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have seen great success during the last year – particularly in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. The last year has been difficult for people and businesses across the globe, but ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services has proven repeatedly our resolve and ability to persevere through the challenges of the last year. For ServiceMaster […]

Siva Kugathas of ServiceMaster AAA wins Business Person of the Year Award

The owner of ServiceMaster AAA has won the Gold Award for Business Person of the Year at the fourth annual SME National Business Awards. Last Friday 3rd December marked the fourth annual SME National Business Awards. Taking place at Wembley stadium, the ceremony celebrates the innovation and successes of small and medium enterprises – or […]

Office Washroom Cleaning Essentials

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are all far more aware of the importance of good hygiene practices at work. Especially as winter starts in earnest, it’s vital to keep these up and be aware of what to do to maximise your office hygiene. This goes for the whole of your office – including […]

Why you should be using a commercial cleaning supplier

Following the COVID19 pandemic, we are all aware of the necessity of keeping your premises clean and hygienic. But there are multiple other benefits to using a commercial cleaning supplier for your business: Aid Employee Productivity There are many ways that using a commercial cleaning supplier can benefit employee productivity. Primarily, a messy or unhygienic […]


Combatting more than just COVID this Christmas

How to minimise illnesses this winter by maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace.  As the nights draw in and the winter months approach; as does regular cold and flu season. This is always a big concern for businesses across the globe, and due to a more vulnerable population through an overall lack of immunity to […]

Keeping Your Offices Clean During Flu Season

At work, you may be exposed to a number of germs, especially when flu season rolls around and keeping your offices clean during flu season is important for you and your staff. Sick coworkers likely touch a variety of surfaces on their way in and out of the office, including shared spaces like the kitchen, […]

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Spring cleaning tips for facility managers

With blossom on the trees and the first flowers in bloom, spring is truly a season for renewal. As the weather warms, there’s no better time for facility managers to freshen up their buildings with a few fixes and improvements. Prepare your facility with these simple spring cleaning tips for facility managers. Take A Good […]

Energy saving tips for your business

Today’s businesses have options for reducing their energy bills and adopting more environmentally friendly practices at the same time. Even small changes can add up to cost savings when your business chooses to invest in energy-efficient initiatives. From switching to LED bulbs (and switching them off when not in use) to cleaning the vents to […]

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Investing in the future and cleaning up in Norfolk

Simon Taplin has owned ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia for over 30 years and has grown it into a successful business with many loyal clients and a good reputation among the local businesses throughout Mid Anglia. Simon’s Son in Law Malcolm Bennett is now managing director and together they have made the decision to […]

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Disinfection of surfaces between cleans

A regular schedule of cleaning and disinfection is crucial for protecting employees, customers, patients, and visitors. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the face of other dangerous pathogens, maintaining constant disinfection is more important than ever. Maintaining this disinfection in between major cleanings can help protect your business from potential outbreaks […]


New business owner brings opportunities to Stafford

Considering the recent negative news of businesses struggling in the current economic climate, it’s great to have something more positive to share. Local businessman Chris Lane has embarked on a new business opportunity in the area by investing in a ServiceMaster Clean franchise offering Commercial Cleaning Services in Stafford and the surrounding areas. Chris chose […]

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The germiest public places

With the COVID-19 pandemic, staying safe and clean is more important than ever before, however, public spaces can house thousands of germs. Light switches, door handles, community kitchens, sink faucets – you name it, there are probably germs nesting on it. Consider how many surfaces you touch every day. If you touch it, several other […]

Winter safety tips to protect your customers and employees

Operating a business in the rough winter months can present additional challenges for companies, employees and customers. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to remedy winter weather situations and help keep customers and employees safe in the season known for slips and falls. All it takes is a little planning, vigilance […]